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Empowering People, Teams & Organisations to achieve & maintain Balance for Environmental & Social Sustainability, Human Well-being & Economic Prosperity


Hello, I am Paola Fiore

For as long as I can remember, since I was a little child, I have been passionate about Nature and the Environment and the consequences we, as humans, have on it; and enormously concerned about the damage caused by these effects.

I have also been intensely aware of how difficult it is to bring other people’s attention to such topics. As a teenager, trying to convince my family and friends to take a stand and join the World Wildlife Fund, or as a successful sustainability consultant, communicator, trainer, and coach over the last 20 years, supporting people and teams who struggle to bring awareness and commitment to their organisations on these critical issues.

It is possible to take positive action, assume responsibility for natural resources and climate change in our personal lives and through our work; we know it can be exhausting to go against the ‘way things are done’, right?

It can feel like a "fight" every day, when you are working with people who don’t have this same awareness, or are not willing to listen to you and the science, and take a stand for sustainable development and social responsibility.

And yet, you can find new possibilities in your life and career and learn effective ways to communicate and engage on all levels of your organisation, so that you have the impact and make the difference you want to make.

I want to support people like you, who authentically care, like I also do, for the impact you and your organisations have on your stakeholders and surroundings.

Together, we can create common, sustainable value, while manage sustainability of our business interests and our very existence on this Planet.


I know you are like me and we have much in common.
That's why I want to share with you my Purpose:


“I believe in the power of human connections and authentic conversations, and trust human capacity to envision and create wellbeing, sustainability and economic and social prosperity that shall preserve ecosystems and natural resources for the present and future generations.” 


"It's our Future! It's our Earth!

We need to protect it for what it's worth!"


One Small Change " song by the Primary School Students of the

Cappabue National School & Garry McCarthy GMC Beats

Dr. Paola Fiore
Consultant, Communicator, Trainer, Mentor & Coach for Sustainability & Climate Change, PCC ICF
Paola is the Founder and Director of ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting - Innovative Sustainability Coaching & Consulting Solutions for Responsible Growth & Profitability, a Consulting Firm for Senior Company Management, specialised in integrated solutions for business sustainability and social responsibility strategies for innovative firms in the industrial and advanced tertiary sectors.

Since 2000, she deals with the design and communication of environmental plans and sustainability to support the integrated management of enterprise and implementation and promotion of environmental management systems and social responsibility. 

As a Professional Coach and Mentor, she creates and promotes sustainable coaching projects, which facilitate the sustainable development of people and organisations through methodologies, techniques and tools of Neuro Linguistic Coaching and Programming.

Through innovative business coaching and mentoring programs, she supports companies in the development of effective skills and solutions towards positive organisational change, and the improvement of corporate relations and communication. 

Paola is specialised in: Business, Corporate, Executive, Leadership, Well-being, Conversational Intelligence, Sustainability, and Climate Change Coaching.

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